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Want to know if your loved one is having an affair? We resolve all infidelity issues within 24 hours. We've completed over 24,000 successful tests
Comprehensive laboratory testing to detect semen using a variety of methods including Electron Microscopy which is the most accurate in the field. We can even detect as little as one sperm head using our technique. Included with the test is a DNA analysis to determine exactly who the semen belongs to.
Our approved laboratory and PhD forensic trained staff will determine the identity of any specimen or stain using the latest in scientific testing.

Infidelity Testing Guide

Certified Infidelity Testing Centre for North America

The Infidelity Testing Guide will provide you with scientifically valid and conclusive analysis for the detection of semen, sperm, and human saliva (and blood if applicable) to determine whether infidelity or sexual assault has occurred. Tests are typically completed within one business day upon receipt of the sample.

This test will help you if you are:

We can test with panties, underwear, feminine pads and tampons, bed linens, towels, shirts, food items, lingerie and just about anything you can think of.

Please read carefully, to understand the process and to order your discreet overnight sample collection kit.

Our Approved Lab has solved over 24,000 infidelity and sexual assault questions

Samples can be sent to us by overnight courier from anywhere in North America using the clinical pre-addressed and prepaid FedEx pouch we supply. The collection kit we send you is by prepaid courier

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The cost for a complete infidelity examination up to comparative DNA testing, if needed, is $175, which includes courier service both ways, (A $50 VALUE). If you decide on a comparative DNA test, we will perform what is required.

The kit we send you will include buccal swabs for you. They should be returned as they will save much time if you should decide to go ahead with a comparative DNA test (otherwise they are destroyed).

Comparative DNA testing of your sample vs any recovered DNA from any source including stains, blood, semen, saliva, condoms, etc. is $250.

Note: When DNA extraction from a sample is requested, the sample may not contain DNA or it may be contaminated making DNA extraction impossible. We make three attempts at successful extraction from samples and there is no refund if extraction fails.